The Baltic Book Art Biennale-2016 will take place in Autumn 2016 in St. Petersburg

Topic: Mythology

The project combines several expositions: book art, illustration, artistic book covering, individual projects about mythology and books, artistic books of small circulation. All works must address the main subject, mythology. The project will take place in the form of an exposition on three main stages in St. Petersburg and it will also includes several events dedicated to book art: lectures, workshops, round tables. Book artists, graphics, illustrators, artistic bookbinders, modern art creators and publishing houses are invited to participate in the project.

The partners of the project: Anna Akhmatova Museum, The Artists Union, The International Guild of Masters - The Museum "The Russian Southpaw" and The Center of Book and Graphics.

Expositions schedule: Anna Akhmatova Museum – August, 10 - September, 04

The International Guild of Masters - Museum "The Russian Southpaw" - September, 19 - October, 10

Interaction Artist Association /IFA - October, 05 - 26.

It's a pleasure for me to invite artists with projects about Mythology: Epics, Bible, Myths and Legends, Sagas. The exposition of book covering will take place in the The International Guild of Masters - Museum "The Russian Southpaw", September, 19 - October, 10. It has an excellent location on Manezh Square, near the Nevsky Prospect. A little cozy hall, nice atmosphere, brick walls, podiums and showcases.

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Project curator: Inna Grinchel.

Baltic Book Art Biennale is a non-profit international artistic exhibition that is held in St. Petersburg once in two years. It is organized by St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Book Union and the Union of Artist. Biennale was held for the first time in 2014 - the year of the famous National Library of Russia anniversary (it's doors were opened 200 years ago). The exhibition took place in the National Library Hall, the Hall of Moskovsky District and in other cultural places of St. Petersburg from April till July 2014.